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The Noosa Biosphere Reserve Foundation – Projects

The Noosa Biosphere Reserve works through the collaboration of the Noosa Biosphere Reserve Foundation (The Foundation) and the Noosa Community Biosphere Association (NCBA). 

In July 2015 the Foundation issued its first call to the Noosa community for ‘big ideas’ that would contribute to its objectives, offering supporting grants to develop significant and innovative conservation proposals.

The aim was to enhance Noosa’s reputation as a place where people care deeply about where and how they live and are prepared to do something about it.

It defined triple bottom-line aspirations – to enhance the environment; realise the shire’s economic potential; and engage the community.

They are currently progressing the following:

Botanical Field Guide
Keep it in Kin Kin
Bringing Fish Life Back
Mapping Koala Health

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Would you like to find out more about volunteering on projects working to support Our Biosphere? There are many great ways you can contribute, we’re always looking for volunteers. Get in touch today!

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