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A Question and Answer Session with John Horn

People in the Noosa Shire often ask “What is a Biosphere”?  The answer can be completely shortened to one word : “US”.

The Noosa Biosphere has many beautiful and rare natural resources but what makes it different is the people who live here : “US”.  Without its people, local and visitors, Noosa would just be a National Park or Nature Reserve.   A Biosphere is partly defined as people living harmoniously and sustainably with nature.  That means people helping to preserve the environment but also living happily and contentedly whilst doing so.

How we live and behave within our territory and each other has implications.

So, there is another question.  “What could the community itself do to help us all Living in the Biosphere?”

There are people actively involved in organisations working to try to protect and improve Noosa’s natural environment and its sustainable development.  It is  important ongoing work; to some, that work is a dedication.

The Shire has a permanent population of about 55,000 and visitor numbers ,being tourism and family/friends visits, are now about 1 million people annually.  It is estimated that about 1,000 people throughout the Shire are involved in volunteer community activities.

This area is a great one for assistance from volunteers from all walks of life.  Many volunteers feel the need to help in some way. It is clear that there is yet more potential within the community to help maintain and sustain our wonderful local heritage.

One answer to the question of Living in the Biosphere is that there are many areas where the way we live can be improved.   Just four of very many examples :-

  • how can we help to moderate the high unemployment rate, particularly for younger people?
  • are we sufficiently looking after our older citizens; what more can be done?
  • are we buying locally?
  • what systems can we ourselves  implement, if we wish to live more sustainably in our day to day lives?

To sum up – How well do we connect as a community for the common good?

The Noosa Community Biosphere Association Inc (NCBA) is an organisation established by the community and for the use of the community.  It is independent.

On the basis that the Noosa Biosphere is “US”, why not join us ?– you may have an input to help us tackle something important to you.  Even if that is not so, you could just join anyway to be informed of community affairs.  There is no joining fee . NCBA would welcome you on board.


Contributed by: John Horn

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