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Our Special Bio Reserve Status May Protect Us

As published in Noosa News Tuesday September 6, 2016

Noosaville local Jo Ball has provided interesting perspective on the Biosphere status some take for granted or may think a little ‘precious’. Here is Jo giving us something to think about in the light or recent legal proceedings reported in Noosa News:

There has been a compelling example of the importance of Noosa’s international UNESCO Biosphere Reserve listing.  A lot of our Noosa community do not fully realise the importance and true value of this international listing.

Noosa is one of only 14 internationally recognised Biosphere reserves in Australia, and one of only 669 such places across 120 different countries to have this recognition.  It is something we should all be very proud of.

Over the last weeks the relevance of our Biosphere Reserve Status has become very important to the Noosa Shire.  We have heard from our Mayor Tony Wellington and Council Officers that the ruling in a recent court case BCC v Gerhardt could lead to big problems in keeping Noosa special.  In a nutshell this ruling gives developers an oppurtunity to bypass council in the name of cutting red tape.

The only thing which can stop this happening would be changes made by the Queensland State Government to the relevant rules and regulations. The fact that Noosa is internationally recognised by UNESCO as a place of special importance within our world, could play a very important part in the future protection of Noosa. This includes protection from unsuitable development.

Noosa is unusual as our Biosphere Reserve status was awarded to the whole Shire and 3km out to sea and included everything within the Shire Our People, Our Places, and Our Future. If we need assistance to protect Noosa, our UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Status could mean getting support from around the world.

It is an important part of the armoury we might need to keep Noosa the special place we love and live in.

Contributed by: Jo Ball 

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