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Ways to Reduce your Air-Conditioning Usage

When you decide to turn on the air-conditioner it will run most efficiently if:

  • The refrigeration system is maintained and in good order.
  • Ducting is well insulated and kept clean (check your ducting for cleanliness and that there are no air leaks).
  • Only the rooms that are used are cooled.
  • The roof insulation is in good order.
  • The doors and windows are closed.
  • Exhaust fans seal when not running.
  • Windows have curtains drawn or closed to help regulate temperature.
  • Fans are used to circulate air.
  • Temperature is not set too cold.
  • Filters are kept clean.
  • Use the timer function on your system so that the air-conditioner is not left running (set the timer to turn off at a suitable time in the evening).
  • Don’t run the air-conditioner all the time during the cooler months, instead open doors and windows.
  • Natural ventilation is the healthiest and cheapest way to cool your home. It helps to remove heat and cools your body through evaporation.
  • If your condenser is in the hot sun look at ways to shade it, this will help its cooling efficiency.

Contributed by: Annie Guthrie

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