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How to Reduce your Energy & Electricity Usage

Your electricity costs do not need to be high, there are many residents with very low power bills and all it takes is some changes to the way you use electricity.

There are many things you can do to reduce the amount of power you use.

Energy Detective

Try walking around your home and find out where the heat enters your home.

  • Is it the western, eastern or northern sun?
  • Perhaps from draughts through gaps?
  • Are the doors and windows left open?
  • Does it come from vents and exhaust fans?

Australia’s household’s generate almost one-fifth of Australia’s total carbon emissions – an average of 14 tonnes per average year.

We all enjoy the benefits of modern technology such as heating and lighting, but we can do things to reduce our production of greenhouse gases and help combat climate change.

Why not use a calculator to identify your current status and to explore how to live more sustainably. By changing your behaviour and selecting energy-efficient options you can reduce greenhouse gas emissions in ways that do not compromise comfort and quality of life.

Contributed by: Michael Davies

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